I enjoy styling and filming promotional videos for small businesses. Carefully crafted videos will enhance the look and feel of your brand and entice your audience to get to know you. 

I also strive to capture energy and emotions for keepsake. In my opinion, reliving a special moment through film is pretty wondrous. Whether it is a wedding, family picnic or a child's playtime- it's all worth keeping.

I had the biggest pleasure working with Flower Moxie again. Amy is such a funny, clever and sincere person. She truly cares about her clients and wants the best experience for them. She wanted to create a series of six videos to help guide her DIY brides. I previously worked with Flower moxie to create a new look for the website through photography and styling. Check out the Flower Moxie site for more info.

MeghMakes "Breakfast of Champions" 

MeghMakes DIY Felt Wreath

Urban Living OKC has been so amazing to work with. Gary Caplinger's enthusiasm is contagious. He has a big love and appreciation for Oklahoma City and the tight knit communities within. This is a branding video for Urban Living OKC. We wanted to show a day of urban living and highlight the fresh and fun brand that is ULOKC.

Everything about Waffle Champion is fun and cool. I had so much fun working with the team there. If you're in Oklahoma City please make sure to stop by Waffle Champion in Midtown for breakfast or lunch. Great food and a fresh, fun ambiance.

Cristen and Dan's wedding was so beautiful. 

Beautiful wedding of Lindsey and Jake

Avery and Indira Cannon for Live Work OKC - Urban Living OKC

Our second XO Makeshop is here! Feb 1 from 2-5. What is a Makeshop? It's pretty much the best. We gather all of the making essentials for your creations, you show up ready for an afternoon of making amazing things and meeting rad creatives in OKC.  Goodie bags, styling tips, crafting, champagne & sweets. Grab a girlfriend and join the fun. Tickets on sale now! Spots are limited! 

XO Makeshops is a new way to meet other creatives in your area, learn, and share. I am so excited for our first ever XO Makeshop Nov 30th! Me and Haleigh from XO Events & Design teamed up to create a new kind of workshop that is less work and more fun! Check out our website xomakeshops.com

MeghMakes 6 month reel. Some favorite moments.

Midtown Vets recently celebrated their grand opening. I had the chance to film their fun festivities. Check out their adorable website. I love the mid-century theme! 

Stuart Asprey is a talented ceramist and professor. His work is fun and innovative. Art moves presented by Devon is a wonderful asset to OKC. It helps expose OKC to different visual and performing arts. This is an Urban Minute video created for Urban Living OKC. This is an ongoing one minute video series featuring exciting events,  businesses and artists.  

Promotional video for the beautiful mid-century modern Wilson House tucked away in Norman, Oklahoma for Urban Living OKC.

Urban Minute for Urban Living OKC  Featuring Story Hour at Cuppies and Joe. This is an on going one minute video series featuring creative events, businesses and artists.  Song by Swear and Shake.

Really enjoyed filming "An Evening of Nostalgia" at The Hub OKC. Storytelling, music and coffee cocktails. Is there anything better? Looking forward to the next! Special thank you to Stranded at the Station for their song "We Spin We Shake" 

Teaser for Dry/Shop blow-dry bar and boutique.  

Lifestyle/couples video filmed in Midtown OKC.

Promotional video for Camp DaKaNi Inventors Workshop. My good friend Elizabeth Logan is the Assistant Director there- and also a Girl Friday on Megh Makes. I enjoy volunteering with not-for-profits. Please contact me if you are interested!