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Meghan Fossey

Girl Friday- Angela Comer

I am THRILLED. The first Girl Friday is my extremely talented and dear friend, Angela Comer. I first met Angela a little more than three years ago. She is a graphic designer and freelance photographer. Here we go!

An average day or week for Angela:

Well I am both a Design/Art Director and freelance Photographer so the day to day can be pretty different! On the weekdays 8:30-5:30 I spend my days at Funnel Design Group doing anything from Designing a Business Card for an Architecture Firm, branding an art exhibit to come through the Science Museum, creating press files, or presenting ideas to my creative director for a local music fest. It is always different and I love that about it!

I view photography as a creative outlet so there isn't really an average week there either. I get to throw it to the fickle winds of intuition. But I do primarily focus on portraits consistently. And as you know there is always a lot of editing

A few things that inspire her:

I get inspired by marrying the creative process with the analytical and problem solving process. It sounds small but even choosing the right typeface is a hugely analytical decision of selecting the appropriate voice to give a brand or a phrase. It doesn't hurt that wonderfully written copy makes me supremely happy.

Another thing I am inspired by (and kind of live for) are people's life stories and the stories they tell on their faces and bodies. Photography has been the ultimate creative outlet for this curiosity in me to express itself. I love getting up close and personal with people and seeing their vulnerabilities and attempting to tell their story without a lot of frills or complicated backgrounds but just their faces.

Lastly I am inspired by the energy of a fantastic brainstorm. When you get out ideas, good and bad, and let them all hang out and then find the good ones in the pile. It took me a long time to learn to do this. I had a fear of my…less than good ideas. But I have learned to trust the process and to trust my gut and have confidence when I know something is a good idea/solution. Both in Design and Photography.

How she centers herself:

I listen to podcasts, cooking is incredibly meditative for me, or do some kind of physical activity wether it is yoga or just walking my dog.

See Angela's work here. Keep up with her on twitter, pinterest and instagram.