Art Director

Meghan Fossey

Feel-Good Lipstick

Apparently National Lipstick Day is a thing. I am far from a makeup enthusiast. I have one eye shadow. Yes, one. And I haven't changed my makeup routine in years. However, I am a firm believer in feeling good. When I googled "lipstick", there were many posts from magazines and blogs telling me which lipstick to wear and what is "trending". My philosophy is to wear a lip color that you like and that makes you feel good.

I have a few in my rotation:

-A red/pink color called "Red Revolution" by Maybeline (Which I bought because I thought it was pretty, and it has the same name as this boxed wine I like.) 

-My go-to pink is a natural looking blush by Covergirl called "Heavenly". Every once in a while I'll get a "What color are you wearing?" And I love to tell them it's a cheap-o from Walgreens. Two of my girlfriends have actually bought this same color. It's great.

-A peachy coral lip color called "Coralberry" by Revlon.

-My all time favorite red is "Jungle Red" matte finish by Nars. I usually would never spend $20 on one makeup item. But when it comes to a good red, you have to make it count. I like this shade because it has just the right amount of orange to it. It's a little burnt and I like that. It wears well. And when I have it on, I love how it makes me feel.

I got this brush holder idea from Pinterest. This keeps my brushes out of the way and clean. My bathroom smells a little like coffee and I like it. 

What is your favorite shade?