Art Director

Meghan Fossey

Bits & Pieces

I want to roll my eyes when people say, "I've been so busy." Because, who isn't? But, you guys. I've been so busy. I began a new career as a full time set stylist and I've been juggling photography and videography projects. I've also been working on co-creating XO Makeshops. We are hosting our second makeshop Feb 1st! Tickets are on sale now. I'm loving every minute of this busy schedule. Sorry it's been pretty quiet around here. Here's a few snippets of my life from mostly my phone. I look forward to sharing more of my life and work this year. Looking for new recipes to add to the site, as well as Girl Fridays! Send me a note if you have ideas! 

I hope you have an amazing new year. Hey, it's still January. I can say that.