Art Director

Meghan Fossey

Cold Chop Sandwich

I like this sandwich when I want something filling but not heavy. If you're looking for a hearty meal that's not going to put you in a food coma, this is a nice choice. 

Start with thick bread. This bread has to support a lot of veggies. I like to use a thick french bread sliced through the middle. Spread pesto on one side and oregano and pepper on the other. You can use any spread you like, of course. Sometimes I add a little mayo on the other side. (I feel like Joey from Friends)

I like to use a large tomato, cucumber, spinach, avocado, and gouda cheese. 

Pile your veggies on. I start with the tomatoes on the bottom because they tend to slide. Then the cheese to create a solid base. Just keep on stacking and enjoy!

Comment below and tell me your favorite cold sandwich. If you try this one, let me know what you think.