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Meghan Fossey

Girl Friday - Emily Frosaker

Girl Friday is Emily Frosaker. She is the creator and owner of Dry/Shop, a unique blow-dry bar and boutique located in Midtown Oklahoma City. Emily has worked hard to help make Midtown a flourishing, hip and exciting community. Her style is all her own and she incorporates it into the dry/shop boutique. She's funny, charming and I get to work with her! Here's a little more about her.

An average day or week for Emily:

Sometime between 7am- 10am I wake up. I look at my least 5 text questions, requests, etc.

Check emails and social media - Check dry/shop appointment calendar -Jump out of bed.

Change clothes at least 3 times before deciding on an outfit.

Drink a red bull or a coffee and probably grab a banana from the gas station. ( I know, so bad.)

Arrive at Dry/Shop  and make to-do lists, check messages, return calls, answer emails, delegate tasks for the day.  I work on various marketing projects for upcoming events.

It's 3:00 --should probably eat lunch. Remember that I have a meeting in 30 minutes.

Check in with everyone at the front, change mannequin, Update the storefront to keep thins looking fresh and exciting. I fend of sales calls for a cleaning service or advertising. Make sure we are prepared for the next work day/event/wedding etc. 

Go home and walk the dogs -Try to shut my brain off for a little while. Make lists in my head for the next day.

A few things that inspire her:

My amazing girlfriends. I think each and every one of them has something unique and special about them. They all continuously amaze me and inspire me. Whether it's professionally or just the way they handle their personal day-to-day. I'm forever convinced I know some of the greatest people. Anyone who works hard is inspiring -kind, brave, genuine, risk takers, and other creative entrepreneurs.


How she centers herself:

This may seem weird since I own a clothing store, but to de-stress lately my favorite thing is to put on my headphones and go thrifting at the goodwill outlet. It's incredible. I sometimes spend hours there. Also, nap taking. Reminding myself to slow down and that it's OK to work from home sometimes. Laughing with my friends. Doing something nice to make someone else's day, which makes my day better. Walking with the dogs. Turning off my cell phone even if only for an hour. (Typically I only get to do this on a Sunday, but it feels really good.) Giving myself a pat on the back sometimes, and remembering that I'm human. 


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