Art Director

Meghan Fossey

DIY Felt Letter Wall Hanging

I love these felt letter wall hangings. I'm making a few to place around our wedding.

I'm all about easy and these are super easy. No sewing and no mess.

I used place mats, fabric glue, iron on felt letters, an iron, yarn and dowel rod.

It's best to use a simple, thin fabric with no pattern. A thick place mat won't work very well for folding. 

Find the center and fold the bottom into a point. Crease well. Once you have the point ready, glue down the sides.

Fold the top over the dowel rod and draw a small line of fabric glue.

Next, add your felt letters. Find the center and space the letters evenly. 

Once you've placed and spaced your letters, iron them and attach the dowel rod to the top. Tie yarn on either side and hang!

project adapted from I Spy DY