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Meghan Fossey

Life Squared

Hello! Spring is here and I am happy to see it. I'm loving this weather and the sights and smells it brings. I have been preparing for my wedding that is in 4 days! I have a few projects that have been keeping me busy and a few projects that are just for fun.

I want to share 5 things I have been excited about and some I've been obsessing over: 

1. I am loving different shades of yellow orche. Walls, flowers, accent pillows, dresses. This color is big for me right now and I want splashes of it everywhere.

2. I have this thing for copper accents. Out with gold and in with coppper. That's my take on it anyway. There's a rustic element to copper and at the same time I think it's fresh again. 

3. Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin, I just love their story and their style. I especially enjoyed this article about their relationship by Jane's brother Andrew Birkin

4. My friend and fellow photo stylist Jordan gifted me an Astier de Villatte plate and I am now obsessed with their tableware. 

5. Tangelos. I have been eating a ton of tangelos.

Here is my life the last few weeks through my Instagram square. 

I'm also nursing an addiction to horchatta lattes.

I'm also nursing an addiction to horchatta lattes.

Anything you're obsessing over that I should be obsessing over? Follow me on Instagram - meghmakes